So Much More offers organization of shoe design workshops for groups of 10-50 people.

It is a great and unconventional idea for group integration as well as entertaining quality time for all attendees. The participants learn about production process, they design their own shoes and then they have them handmade by our experienced craftsmen within 2-4 weeks after the workshop.

One session lasts around 3-5 hours, the cost starts from approximately EUR 500 (net) depending on the workshop type and location.

Shoe workshop example agenda – time: approx. 3 hrs.:

1. Introduction – who are we and what do we do (5 min.)
2. Handmade shoes – how does it work (10 min.)
3. Available models and leathers (5 min.)
4. How will we work today (5 min.)
5. Design your own shoes (2 hrs.)

During our workshops the attendees have leather samples, all available shoe types in full sizing to try on, as well as tools and elements used in shoe production process (i.e. shoemaker’s last, cutout templates, large format leathers).

The participants will design their shoes using our innovative application on our website.

Kontakt :
kom.: +48 791 612 041

ul. Szpitalna 4/14(IV piętro)
00-031 Warszawa