So much more is a new brand of handmade shoes, which allows their customers to design their own shoes. Each customer design is handed over to our Polish craftsmen who are responsible for producing unique, well-done, comfortable shoes.

So much more than handmade, leather shoes.


Every woman is unique, that is why So much more gives their customers complete freedom to personalize shoes. Imagine that you receive something more than what you usually get, that you have the right to create, to stand out through your own idea, that you choose this one and only product that no one else will ever have. So much more gives you the possibility to personalize your own product – choose from over 25 shoe styles, over 120 kinds and colors of Italian leathers.

These shoes exist, only because you wanted it.


Even the best color and the trendiest form will not make the shoes comfortable. That is why the process of production at So Much More is taken care of by Polish craftsmen with over 20 years of experience in hand making shoes.

Good craftsmenship which starts with your design


Fashion is very important to us. However, everyone understands fashion in their own way. This is the reason why we have prepared classic shoe forms, which can be adjusted by each of our customers to their own favorite trends.

Fashion is a matter of your choice.